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Youth Empowerment

By the end of 2015, we are targeting to engage at least 250,000 Rwandan youth from all economic sectors, by helping them to develop basic and advanced skills on environmental protection, to ensure their participation in solving environmental problems in Rwanda..

Climate change adaptation

Cooperating with stakeholders to develop alternative concepts of well being which integrate climate change resilience/adaptation and economy, promote inclusive low carbon development and strengthening sustainable use of ecosystem goods and services.

Biodiversity conservation

Providing and sharing knowledge on ecological status of local ecosystems in order to promote understanding on threats, conservation priorities to influence and steps that need to be taken towards sustainable conservation of the biodiversity.


Conservation farming for climate change adaptation and environment protection

As an organization that works closely with local communities, we recognize that sustainable agriculture practices are highly needed. Maintaining biological diversity is critical in this time where the world is experiencing extreme weather and unusual change in agricultural seasons.

Empowewring youth, securing the future

Young people are not aware of the most basic intervention to start acting against major threats that ecosystems face nowadays and that have long-term negative impacts because they are the future generation who will educate those that will take on the world’s heritage in their hands in the future.

Throughout 2018, 350 members of high school environmental club have been trained on solid waste management, forest, soil and water conservation. 3000 trees we planted under this program. 

70 household have been trained on sustainable principles of agro-ecology. Currently, 10 ha around Akanyaru wetlands are under conservation farming practices that helped small holder farmers to improves seasonal crop produce while adapting to climate fluctuation to meet house hold food needs.

We have organized one nature tour through our “Go Outdoors” program, where 55 high school student and 5 of their teachers had a first hand experience to visit a protected areas, that has improved their understanding on wildlife  and its physical environment.

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Join Us to increase environmental awareness among the people of Rwanda to come together and fight for a greener, cleaner and healthier future, to achieve greater sustainable conservation results.

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Together we aim at protecting our nature and hand it to the future generations intact and perhaps better