Nova Complex Market, NM 11 ST, Musanze, Rwanda
We, for Vultures Nature Ambassadors Youth=Hope Organic Farming Women in Conservation Eco-Club Mentors
We, for Vultures
Saving Vulture Species from Extinction
Nature Ambassadors
Young people are the potential voices for conservation
Youth have all its takes to make difference!
Organic Farming
Preserving genetic resources for food security and nutrition in the face of climate change
Women in Conservation
They give lives, they can also sustain lives!
Eco-Club Mentors
Building the capacity of teachers is a strategic way to strengthen Eco-Clubs in our partner schools

Nature at a Glance

The lasting changes we can bring, will determine the extend of success...

Free medicine…clean air and water and nutritious food…a stable climate..., recreation and secure livelihoods for all. These are things we get for free from nature and what we, by driving its destruction, risk denying our descendants and ourselves. Nature Rwanda comes into the existence to build the gap between nature conservation and human sociology-economic development.

National Youth Conference on Climate Change, 2020

Postponed due to COVID-19