Be part of the Solution! Protect Nature.

Do you want to do something to help Nature and People? There is a variety of ways in which people can support Nature Rwanda’s mission to create communities where Human being lives in harmony with Nature. We make sure that your support; either money or equipment goes to the right destination. Our partners; from governments to private sector and NGOs, contribute their capacity and expertise to our work in helping Nature and People


Do you want to be remembered for what you have contributed to the Environment? How do you want to be remembered once you have left this Earth? Yes, your life matter so, feel free to contact us and live your best life by building an environmental Legacy you can be proud of.


It is never easy to lose those we love. Gift in Memory is a lovely and a touching way to remember and honor a loved one; a friend, a family member or a colleague who passed away and supporting a cause that was important to him. Feel free to contact us and lets together remember your loved one.

Donate your Big Day!

Make a difference in people’s lives on your favorite day of the Year! Instead of asking for gifts on your Anniversary, Wedding day, Christmas day, Mothers day or other significant occasion, ask family and friends for donations to help change lives, empower communities, engage women and young people in environmental conservation and sustainable use of natural resources in Rwanda.


Maybe it is your birthday; the day you were brought to this world as a blessing to people; be that blessing and donate your birthday to give back to Nature. Contribute to the future of Nature and people


Give your Christmas to support vulnerable communities and help build a communities where human being coexist with Nature without compromising the well-being of future generation.


 Let the world celebrate with you on your wedding day by giving guests the option to make a donation and support environmental conservation, rather than giving you gifts.


Without Mothers like you, how can the world survive? Donate your Mother’s Day to support women in conservation and help engage youth and other mothers in environmental protection.


You can also Donate your Event!

If you want to pledge your next big day or organize an event; get together with your friends to hike, camp, run, swim, ride, or whatever your passion is, and raise money to support Nature and People! Share on your social media accounts and let people know how they can help reach your goal

We cannot make it without your Support! Thank you very much for being so generous!