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Individual Membership categories

Conservation Allies

Scientists, researchers, teachers, environmentalists, conservation biologists, park staff, forest managers, and nature lovers.

Nature Stewards

Individuals who are passionate about actively participating in environmental research, conservation projects, and community engagement initiatives on a voluntary basis.

Honorary Lifetime

Honorary Lifetime Members are individuals who have been members of Nature Rwanda for a significant number of years and have made notable contributions in the fields of career services or human resources recruiting/training or have made notable contributions to Nature Rwanda.

Group Membership categories

Community Stars

Eco-clubs in schools and community groups that actively contribute to conservation, awareness and public engagement activities at the community level.

Corporate Members

Companies and organizations dedicated to environmental conservation and sustainable practices. Corporate Members enjoy benefits such as recognition and brand association, networking and collaboration opportunities and much more.

How to become a Member

Individuals interested in applying to become a member of Nature Rwanda must submit an signed application to Nature Rwanda. and send it to

Membership Policy

Nature Rwanda membership comes with responsibilities and benefits. More details on each membership category, their benefits and the code of conduct can be found below. Thank you for your contribution to the work we do in Nature conservation.

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