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Climate change adaptation


There is currently no sound rescue and rehabilitation programme in Rwanda in order to save lives of vultures. To fill this gap, Nature Rwanda want to establish a small-scale vulture rescue and rehab center. The Vulture rescue and Rehab Centre aims to ensure the survival of threatened vulture species found in Rwanda through the rehabilitation and release of victims of persecution, poisoning, and poaching,  research, and public education and awareness education. In the framework of the long-term rescue, rehabilitation and release programme for vultures; the Centre will be used for quarantine, treatment and care of vultures and the early stages of their rehabilitation to enable them to flight in the special rehabilitation aviary. Then, groups of vultures will be transferred to the chosen sites within protected areas and be released and monitored, following established soft release methodology.

You are a good partner when it comes to putting more habitat on the ground, birds in the sky and raising the next generation of citizens who care. You are encouraged to do your part by becoming a member of Vulture Guardians. We want you to join us and the future of nature conservation.




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15 Ms Vincenzo P. Aversa ?? Jan 24, 2021
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9 Ms Jams O. Ibadan Nigeria Jun 02, 2020
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