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“Nothing for the future without us.” said the students

Environmental Clubs Program of Nature Rwanda aims at empowering youth in high schools by raising awareness on environmental conservation and providing guidance. Environmental clubs are reliable environment of nurturing future environment friendly decision makers who are responsible for environmental protection and advocacy. Young generation,have to start working together with major actors to address the 21st century environmental challenges.

In this context, Nature Rwanda organized and implemented a one day training for 54 environment club members at Ecole Secondaire Rukozo (ES Rukozo), in Districts, Northern Province. The theme was “Forests, Foundation of life” with more emphasize on how students can contribute to forest conservation also the PACE books were disseminated.

The presentation included the role of forests, the challenges faced by forests, solutions to these challenges as well as the role of students in sustainable biodiversity conservation. Participants showed active participation during presentation. “the forests serve as lungs in our school as they filter the air we breathe” said Uwimana Myriam, a student of ES Rukozo. “the trees provide shelters where we hide excessive sunshine and we feel fresh air as we stand under their shade, in the class we don’t feel a lot of heat because trees are in control”, Twahirwa Fidele added.

After presentation, students were given time to discuss about the challenges faced by forest in their villages and suggest practical solution to those challenges. It was really a good platform for students to share their role play in environmental issues as future decision makers. After the group discussions, each group presented its findings to other participants and get some comments. “in our villages, bush burning, overpopulation, pests and diseases are the major challenges faced by the forests” said Hategekimana Patrick. “Advocacy to many people, afforestation & reforestation, family planning and pollution prevention are the solution we can propose for sustainable conservation of our forests”, he added

“We are committed to saving our forest in order to keep our school green as well as the villages where we come from”, The head of discipline said while giving his closing remark. Apart from the courses learnt in class, students showed their active commitment on environmental conservation and this gives a living hope that they will be good decision makers by protecting the nature. “There will be continuous collaboration between the Nature Rwanda and club members in order to make sure that decision taken are put in action” said Ndabasanze Prudence, Chairman/Nature Rwanda said. “This will ensure positive attitude towards environment conservation and environmental club empowerment”, he added.