Mpenge River Restoration Project

Mpenge river is a permanent river situated on the southern side of Musanze city, and it is an affluent of Mukungwa River that joins Nyabarongo River. The river and its wetlands support the biodiversity, livelihood of the local communities through various ecosystem goods and services they provide. Mpenge river is mainly threatened by anthropogenic activities such as high levels of pollution and agriculture encroachment.

This project intends to enhance pollution control mechanisms among the local communities, demarcation and rehabilitation of riparian zone, and engaging the local communities in the protection and management of Mpenge River. This project will safeguard the wild population of birds and aquatic biodiversity of Mpenge rivers due to improved water quality and riparian revegetation. The beautification of the areas will be a business opportunity for local youth groups as a recreational and bird-watching site. The project will also raise community awareness on environmental protection and instill their active participation in sustainable use and management of natural resources.

FUNDED BY: UNDP-Rwanda through Rwanda Governance Board (RGB)

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