Eco-Mobile Library

Most Rwandans lack an established conservation-related reading culture because they are unaware of the benefits of doing so. A lack of investment in literate environments is one of the main failures in attempts to achieve sustainable use of natural resources. Conservation libraries play an important role in assisting students to obtain, preserve, and improve their conservation skills. The Eco-Mobile Library is an approach to resolving youth’s lack of awareness on environmental conservation issues. The target audience experiences the Eco-Mobile Library at least once every 2 months on rotation. The goal is to foster a conservation-themed reading culture among the young people, as well as to boost their general knowledge capacity and competitiveness, and to promote the safe use of community outdoor spaces.

Students are also given an audience to share their ideas through quizzes, poem recitals; and so on…The mobile library runs a four-hour reading session and a two-hour general session for other important non-reading activities. It runs a book lending club in each group visited, allowing enthusiastic and interested early adopters to participate.

The library’s book collection is maintained through consistent periodic sourcing through community donor channels. We reach out to publishing houses and ask for donations of children’s conservation books. We also issue public calls and announcements via local radio, television, and social media channels, requesting conservation-themed book donations from private individuals’ collections, writers’ associations, and other interested groups.

Please Help Us to make this project successful and sustainable.

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