Ecological Monitoring of the Hooded Vulture

The Hooded Vulture (HV); Necrosyrtes monachus is a critically endangered African vulture that primarily feeds on human wastes. Hooded vulture species in Rwanda are threatened by habitat loss as a result of infrastructure expansion, food depletion, and a lack of public awareness, and their population is declining (Vande Weghe, 2011). Little information is known on the biology and distribution of the critically endangered Hooded Vulture which are the most common vulture species in Rwanda. This project establishes a community partnership to promote Hooded Vulture monitoring as a means to improve its conservation and management in Rwanda.

This project involves the local communities, waste site and abattoir managers in Nyagatare, Kayonza, Bugesera, Ngoma, Musanze, Rubavu, Rutsiro, Rusizi, Muhanga, and Kigali city. A team of 30 local Vulture Conservation Champions (VCCs) was selected from local communities, trained, and provided with the necessary tools and materials to conduct Vulture monitoring in their respective locations. The VCCs also contribute to raising community awareness.

This project will identify the conservation problems of Hooded vulture and will help to understand demographic changes on populations and priorities to apply their conservation measures in Rwanda. The dataset will include information about nest and territorial occupancy, productivity, individuals’ identification as well the main threats at each site.

FUNDED BY: The Rufford Foundation

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