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Climate Change Adaptation

Rwanda is a landlocked country with a moderate climate and relatively high rainfall. Climate change is expected to result in increased temperatures, intensified rainfall, and prolonged dry seasons. This presents different challenges for different regions: the mountainous west of the country are subject to erosion, parts of the central north and south will experience severe floods, and the east and southeast suffer from droughts and desertification. In terms of food security, the four most vulnerable regions (out of twelve) are the Eastern Agro-Pastoral Zone, the Eastern Semi-Arid Agro-Pastoral Zone, the Bugesera Cassava Zone in the south, and parts of the Eastern Congo-Nile Highland Subsistence Farming Zone. Some climate change effects, such as the lowering level of lakes and water flows and forest degradation, are expected to occur throughout the country.

Nature Rwanda’s interventions focus on the most vulnerable communities and ecosystems. Nature Rwanda pursues to better apprehend climate change, particularly in terms of its impact on people, nature and economy. It works with communities to plan and implement actions for adaptation at grass-root level with focus on nature based solutions, and with multi-stakeholders for climate literacy and effective climate governance. 

Climate change adaptation and mitigation is a significant part of Nature Rwanda’s investments. Some of the major initiatives of Nature Rwanda are development and implementation of climate smart agriculture for smallholder farmers, formulation and implementation of Local Adaptation Plan of Actions (LAPAs), promotion of Clean Energy Technologies (solar, improved cooking devices) along with emission reduction activities (plantation, sustainable forest management); Ecosystem Service Enhancement (Biodiversity, Water and Food Security,), promotion of alternative livelihood options; documentation of traditional knowledge; building climate awareness and capacity for disaster risk reduction.