Our story

Nature Rwanda is an independent registered non-government and nonprofit civil society organization based in Musanze in the north of Rwanda. The types of activities undertaken by Nature Rwanda, range from capacity building to service delivery. Whereas in terms of operations what characterizes Nature Rwanda’s functioning are its efforts to (a) enlist involvement of the communities in conserving environment and local resources; and (b) mobilize youth, future decision makers  to become conservation activists to be able to make knowledgeable decisions about the environment.

What makes Nature Rwanda stand out is that every single team member has a stake in the organization’s success.  We are very team-driven, and we operate in a way that puts collective goals on the behalf of our Mother Nature. In 3 years we have grown very quickly, and we continue to succeed because we are a nimble organization that can rise to any challenge we may face. Everyone at Nature Rwanda is smart, energetic, and fun to work with. We love what we do, and it shows in the strong relationships we have built with our beneficiaries. Together we aim at protecting our nature and hand it to the future generations intact or perhaps better.

connecting people with nature


Our Mission

Is  to build communities where human beings live in harmony with nature, coexisting without compromising the wellbeing of future generations.



Our Vision

Is to connect young people with nature by promoting environmentally-responsible youth, biodiversity conservation and sustainable development in Rwanda through empowerment and engagement of informed, responsible and participating citizens.


Our objectives

  1. Raise awareness on biodiversity conservation issues and communicate ways of acting and mitigating consequences.
  2. Providing and share knowledge on biodiversity conservation, for target audiences in order to promote understanding of the value and importance of biodiversity and the steps that need to be taken to conserve it.
  3. Change attitude and behaviour towards biodiversity resources among resources users and promote the equitable share of genetic resources for sustainable use for the benefit of present and future generation.
  4. To develop basic and advanced skills on biodiversity conservation to ensure the participation of everyone to solve the biodiversity and environmental problems in Rwanda.

Board Advisers

Thomas David

Adviser to the e.d

Cambridge Conservation Initiative

Beth Kaplin

board member

University of Rwanda

Niles Parker

Board member

Maine Discovery Museum, Bangor, Maine

Erasme Uyizeye

board member

Center of Tropical Ecology and Conservation

Staff and Executive board

Prudence Ndabasanze


Jean Claude Dusabimana

Executive Director

Solange Uwera

Research, Development and Communication

Clementine Musengimana


Thomas Kanyempura


Marie Cecile Muhorakeye


About Us

Together we aim at protecting our nature and hand it to the future generations intact and perhaps better