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“From a small beginning we can restore the world’s population of vultures and engage communities in the conservation of these prestigious nature cleaner”

Why Vultures?

African vultures play a key role in disease control and waste removal that is critical for the stability of the ecosystems in which they live. In addition to their ecosystem service role, the threats to their survival and their conservation needs also overlap heavily with a number of other key species, such as African elephants and lions, and they are thus an ideal species to focus on for wide-reaching, landscape-level conservation efforts. The plight of African vultures has only recently been recognized, but rapid declines have been noted for almost all species throughout large portions of the African continent. This has led to the up-listing of nearly all the African vulture species on the IUCN Red List with initial up-listing in 2012 and further up-listing in 2015.

Steps Made...

In response for the  sharp decline in population of Vultures across Africa, various actions are being undertaken to conserve vultures. However, most of them are small in scale. For example awareness and advocacy to combat poisoning and regulate use of agro-chemicals is being conducted in various countries.  Despite the available information on African vultures, even is not sufficient, very little is known on biology and distribution of Vultures in Rwanda. This is why the MsAP developed by CMS  showed that there is gap in knowledge of vultures in Rwanda:  to support vulture conservation through cross-cutting actions that contribute to addressing knowledge gaps. 

Call For Action!

We are calling for collaborative measures with a focus on improved law enforcement, more effective management of Vulture’s habitat outside of protected areas, better national land-use planning and conservation advocacy.  We would like to invite everyone to join hands with us to help this fine and unique conservation initiative to maintain the stability and health of ecosystems.

National Vulture Conservation Action Plan

The process of formulating this NVCAP has given us the opportunities to take stock on vulture conservation successes and failures, to determine a clear vision and future goals for their future in the light of challenges ahead, and to put forward strategies for a successful conservation of biodiversity not only in response to the drop of wild population of Vultures, but also rising the commitment of local communities to conserve the biodiversity while recognizing their significance to the current and future generations.

research and in/ex-situ conservation

Conduct research and monitoring on ecology aspect of vultures across the country, strengthening protection of vulture’s SAFE zones, conservation breeding and reintroduction, and monitor all threats to wild vultures.

Policy and Legal Frameworks

Ensure availability of cheap and safe alternate drugs for veterinary use; advocacy on tax incentives on vulture-friendly NSAIDs, and ensure monitoring and enforcement of minimizing and possibly ending wildlife crimes


Rise awareness among the general public, private sectors, NGOs, academic and government institutions on the urgency need of protecting vultures for the betterment of the current and future generations.

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