Students’ Annual Conservation Award

An increasing indifference toward conservation education has resulted in a slew of issues, including conservation education illiteracy, environmental degradation, and a lack of environmentally friendly activities. Biodiversity loss is, in essence, a subset of the future generations’ dilemma, a distinction that has gone unnoticed until now. Understanding the root causes of moral failure in biodiversity conservation helps us to evaluate education programs and environmental policy, as well as propose strategies for closing the motivational gap. The Nature Rwanda annual conservation awards program is a strategy for addressing young people’s lack of interest in natural resource conservation.

It is your ideas, let them grow…

It’s used in schools, where students present their ideas as projects. Teams of two students participate in the competitions. The competition is based on quotas, with a pre-selection and a final selection process that leads to the winner. Each year’s version of the competition is better than the last. The goal is to instill a sense of responsibility for environmental protection and strategic thought about the long-term ramifications of youth’s environmental decisions. The project reaches out to students in schools who have environmental ideas but lack encouragement to pursue them. The competition serves as a complement to what Nature Rwanda does to close the motivation gap by educating, engaging, and achieving environmental conservation together with young people.

Since You are Worth it…

As part of the competition, Nature Rwanda presents a series of awards to the top three outstanding projects. Our awards are divided into three categories, each of which contestants can be nominated: The They Did What? The award which honors students who have achieved something unexpected and worth acknowledging, The Yes I Can Award which honors students who have demonstrated true self-determination and willpower in achieving their goal, The Quiet Achiever Award honors students who achieve but don’t expect recognition or to be in the limelight.

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