Engaging Young People in Conservation of Akanyaru KBA in Rwanda

The world’s environmental problems are locally based. However, there is little public awareness of this truth. These problems can be reduced by informing local people, especially the young, who are future leaders and decision makers, as a way of finding solutions to those problems and securing the future. Nature Rwanda was intended to empower youth in schools by raising their environmental conservation awareness and giving them hands-on experience in adapting to the impacts of environmental change.

As part of this project, Nature Rwanda has created three new environmental clubs (Eco-clubs) and revamped two existing environmental clubs in high schools in the Bugesera district. At the end of the project, 250 Rwandan youths were equipped with the knowledge and skills they needed to contribute to the sustainable conservation of the Akanyaru wetlands. Nature Rwanda promoted gender equity in conservation and ensured that at least 60% of total project beneficiaries were female. At each of the five schools that were part of this project, a small fruit garden has been established to allow club members to get hands-on experience of raising and taking care of trees to address climate change and improve a healthy lifestyle. In addition, the # MyWetlandMyFuture campaign was held at Akanyaru wetland and was live streamed on social media as part of the celebration of World Wetland Day 2020.

FOUNDED BY: The Rufford Foundation

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