Empowering Women for Sustainable Conservation of Akanyaru IBA

The Akanyaru wetland is listed as an Important Bird Area (IBA) yet remains an unprotected ecosystem. This wetland provides unique habitats for threatened species and contributes to the subsistence of 100,000 local communities, profiting from their goods and services.

The main goal of this project was to create alternative opportunities for the local community around Akanyaru wetlands for their sustainable conservation while empowering vulnerable women as key stakeholders in the conservation of this threatened IBA. In order to achieve our goal, we engaged local women in biodiversity conservation, where they took part in water hyacinth removal in the Akanyaru Wetlands in order to restore and rehabilitate the birds and other animals’ habitat. We promoted and added value to handcrafted products produced by women’s cooperative Sugira Musenyi.

FOUNDED BY: The Rufford Foundation

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