Conservation Farming Project

The Conservation Farming project aimed at improving smallholder farmers’ agricultural output and earnings while enhancing climate adaptation farming methods around the Akanyaru wetland in the Musenyi Sector, Bugesera District. This project aligned with the focal areas of the Small Grant Projects (SGP) by promoting conservation farming that at the same time reduces the impacts of chemical pollutants through reduced use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides as a result of using OPV seeds resistant to pests and drought; prevention of land degradation through minimum tilling, mulching, composting, waste management by recycling rejected plastic bottles into water tanks, and transforming water hyacinth (unusable to aquatic ecosystems) into manure for crop production.

The objectives of this project were to build the capacity among small holder farmers and promote local commitment and participation to adapt to climate change. They included the introduction and adoption of conservation farming techniques by the local communities, popularizing the use of organic fertilizers, promoting compost and livestock manure in place of inorganic chemical fertilizers, which in the long run degrade the soil, and establishing an OPV community seed bank.

FOUNDED BY: TheĀ Global environment Facility-Small Grant Program and The United Nation Development Program

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