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Engaging people in decision making about nature, is a key to protect it sustainably

Since we all benefit from nature, protecting it is a responsibility shared by all. Due to the fact that we all depend on nature for our daily needs, it is necessary that we all engage in decision-making about how to conserve nature. Once nature disappears, we will not be able to survive anymore.

What is nature? Nature is not belief as we now in society, nature is animals and his power, nature is birds, bees, ant and other living on the earth. Nature is plants, trees, those mountains, valleys and range of hills meeting. The universe is part of nature. One must have a feeling for all this, not destroy it, not kill for one’s pleasure or one’s table. We do kill cabbages, the vegetables we eat, but one must have a bound by avoiding to hurt them because you can’t live without eat vegetable.

Our relationship with nature is more one of being than having.  We are nature: we do not have nature.

Steven hARPER

Nature is part of our life. We need its help every day, and we are part of all that, but we are rapidly forget that we are animals like the others. Can you feel the pain of tree when you are cutting it? look at it, see the beauty of it, listen to the sound it makes. Everyone must be aware of all this and have that sense of intimacy with nature around you. You may live in a town, but you do have trees around. A flower in the next garden may be ill-kept, packed with unwanted plant, but look at it, feel that you are part of all that, part of all living things. If you hurt nature, you are hurting yourself.

When we were out for a walk in the garden or the swamp, we heard the trees’ calming sounds, observed various animals, enjoyed the fresh air, grass, and trees, and even took a picture. We observed that we and the surrounding nature appeared better and produced a really good photo that was more meaningful than before.

We observed others who were on the move who have been hurting living things, such as the trees in which the birds were nesting, and who were also polluting the river’s water. When we approached them and challenged them about why they were destroying these natural species, and they told us that they didn’t comprehend what the conservationists were doing for while planting indigenous trees in wetland and protecting some species their them, so they didn’t see the value and even aware that it was their duty to protect the nature for it to continue to provide for them.

People are occasionally invited to share concerns and opinions and participate in environmental decision-making by different environmental sectors, but working with people in daily conservation activities will be effective to our nature based on the experience we gain on projects we completed in accordance with community decisions.

What is best for our nature as a whole is not up to us to decide. It is preferable to sit down with our stakeholders and discuss on needs while assisting everyone with their individual tasks. We must be present for nature because it is there for us. So, let’s cooperate on planning, practice conservation, and ensure sustainability with an emphasis on critically endangered species.

By Deborah ISHIMWE

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